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The Eco-inn

La Fe is an ecotourism inn in the Central Western plains of Venezuela, where visitors not only have the opportunity to come into contact with the typical biodiversity of the area, but with the traditions and chores of the llanero.

We have the infrastructure and staff needed for you to enjoy the llano at your own way.

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The Eco-inn in the Raining season

If you just want to be surprised by a heavy rain, enjoy the greenery and lush vegetation, visit from May 15th to November. You will have the opportunity to observe the Swamps in all its splendor, navigate the spout and rivers, watch river dolphins, enjoy the diversity of fauna and witness the rebirth of life on the llano.

The Eco-inn in Dry season

If you visit us between November and April, you will discover an dry, warm and pleasant typical landscape. At this time the wildlife is concentrated in different water bodies in the sabana and in our spout "Mata 'e Rancho", having great opportunity to observe Bears ant eater, Howling Monkies, Deer, Capybara, Babos, Tortoises and other examples of local fauna.

100% Ecological

The essence of the Eco-inn offers the possibility to enjoy all the typical landscapes of the region.

More than 236 species of birds can be seen in "Fundo La Fe", which makes us a reservoir of FIRTS WORLD ORDER.

Together with the Ministry Of Surroundings have protected over 200 hectares of virgin forest called "El Bochochal".

Strategic Alliances

  • Aprinatura (Asociación propietarios de tierra con fines ecológicos).
  • Fudena (Fundación para la defensa de la naturaleza).
  • Guía de Valentina Quintero.
  • Guía de Elizabeth Klein.
  • Guía Lonely Planet.
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  • Guía de aves de Venezuela de Mary Louis Goodwin.
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  • Empresas Polar.
  • CANTV.
  • Corpoelec.
  • Avon.
  • Fondo de Turismo de Guárico.
  • INIA Calabozo.
  • Guardia Nacional Bolivariana Calabozo.
  • Bristol Myers.
  • Plumrose.
  • Producciones 3.5.
  • Banco de Venezuela.
  • Toyota Fun Race.
  • Fundación del niño.
  • Ministerio del Ambiente.
  • PPA24 Cooperativa de Seguros.
  • Ford de Venezuela.
  • Polar San Fernando.
  • Embajada Británica.
  • Embajada de España.
  • UCAB (Caracas)
  • Universidad Ròmulo Gallegos (Guárico)
  • Colegio Integral El Avila (Caracas)
  • Colegio Internacional de Caracas
  • Colegio Humbolt (Caracas)
  • Colegio El Rosario (Guárico)
  • Colegio La Coromoto (Guárico)
  • Colegio Salustiano (Apure)
  • Colegio Emilio Estévez (Guárico)
  • UNELLEZ (Universidad Experimental de Los Llanos Occidentales Ezequiel Zamora).
  • Colegio Británico (Caracas)